East Idaho Social Security Disability FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:
When should I apply for Social Security Disability? If you have a medical condition that prevents you from working long-term, you may be eligible for Social Security Disability benefits. You should apply for Social Security Disability as soon as you believe you may have such a medical condition. Disability benefits are subject to a five-month waiting period and are paid beginning the sixth full month following the date of your disability.

How do I apply for Social Security Disability? You can apply for disability benefits three ways:

  • In person at the Social Security Office
  • Call Social Security Toll Free to request the forms be mailed to you: 1-800-772-1213
  • Through the Social Security Administration website: ssa.gov

How does Social Security decide my claim? The Social Security Administration claims examiners will review the records you have submitted and assess your medical impairment along with your age, education and work experience to determine if you are prevented from doing your most recent job or any other job in the national economy. It is a five step process.

  • Are You Currently Working?
  • Do You Have a Severe Impairment?
  • Does Your Impairment Meet the Rules for Automatic Disability?
  • If You Don’t Meet Step Three, Can You Do Any of Your Past Work?
  • If You Can’t do Your Past Work, Can You do Any of the Jobs In the National Economy?

What happens if my Social Security Disability claim is denied? You have the right to appeal a denial of your claim. Information on how to file an appeal will be provided to you by Social Security if your claim is denied. You must appeal within 60 days.

Do I need an attorney if my claim is denied? If your claim has been denied, an attorney knowledgeable in Social Security Disability can help review your claim, identify additional evidence that may be needed, and represent you in your appeal of the denial. The attorney can carefully explain the process and help you win your case. You should contact us if your claim is denied.

If my claim is denied and I appeal the denial, how long will it be until I have a hearing? It can take from 9 to 12 months to have a hearing on your claim. The process takes a long time because of the number of cases that are appealed. Last year, over 3 million people applied for disability, and 850,000 requested hearings on their disability claims.

What is Supplemental Security Income (SSI)? SSI is a program that pays disability or retirement benefits to individuals who are not covered by Social Security or whose Social Security benefit is low.

What is the minimum age to get disability? There is no minimum age. Children can receive disability benefits under the SSI program or under Social Security Disability if a parent is disabled or retired.

How many people get disability benefits? Over 10 million people are getting Social Security Disability benefits as of July 2012. In Idaho, as of December 2010, over 38,000 people receive Social Security Disability benefits, and over 25,000 receive SSI disability.

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